Donkey Kong Country Headlines New SNES And NES Games Coming To NSO

Nintendo has revealed the next trio of retro games that will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online this month, with Rare’s iconic platformer Donkey Kong Country sure to grab the most attention. The other SNES game is Natsume Championship Wrestling while The Immortal will be the sole NES addition with all 3 games being made available on the service from July 15.

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Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will have a new selection of retro games to play through in only a week’s time. The announcement of 2 new SNES games and 1 new NES game came from Nintendo today and will be the first games to appear on either console’s NSO service since May this year. 1994’s Donkey Kong Country and Natsume Championship Wrestling will bring the total collection of SNES games on NSO up to 30 while the 1990’s The Immortal takes the NES tally to 54 games.

Donkey Kong Country is likely to cause the most excitement amongst retro gaming fans as the classic 2D platformer remains one of the SNES’s most memorable outings thanks to its technical achievements (for the time), addicting gameplay, and mesmerising David Wise soundtrack. The game is famous for converting 3D pre-rendered models over to the sprite-based Super Nintendo resulting in visuals that contained a degree of depth and detail never before seen at the time.

As the name suggests, Natsume Championship Wrestling is all about duking it out in the ring as one of 12 wrestlers thanks to an impressively robust move set for a pioneer in the wrestling genre. The Immortal is an isometric action-adventure game about a fire-ball shooting wizard making their way through a perilous dungeon. Interestingly, Japan won’t be getting Natsume Championship Wrestling and instead will be receiving the Super Famicom version of Shin Megami Tensei.

NES & Super NES - July Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online

Donkey Kong Country, Natsume Championship Wrestling, and The Immortal will all be made available on the SNES and NES Nintendo Switch Online services on July 15. For more DKC goodness, check out our Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review on Switch. 

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