Dolphin Adventure ‘Jupiter & Mars’ Story Trailer Revealed

Take a dip into the vibrant underwater world as the dynamic dolphin duo, Jupiter & Mars. Tigertron announces the upcoming VR accessible experience is set to arrive this Spring. And with the announcement comes a riveting new story trailer.

Dolphin Adventure 'Jupiter & Mars' Story Trailer Revealed
Set in a time where much of the civilized world has been reclaimed by the depths of the sea, two dolphins embark on a riveting deep sea journey to finish off what remains of mankind's existence. Jupiter & Mars takes players on an adventure like no other through a beautifully created underwater world brimming with color, exploration, and curiosity.
Check out the latest captivating story trailer of Jupiter & Mars below:

Adopting the role of the intelligent female dolphin, Jupiter, and her life companion, Mars, set off on a quest given to them by the ancient race of whales, the Elders. With sea levels rising due to melted ice caps and climate change, the dolphin duo makes their way through dark and dangerous waters, utilizing clever game-changing abilities along the way.

The upcoming dolphin adventure appears to hone in on the destructive nature of mankind and looks to create a powerfully stirring experience through the eyes of mother nature. In a seemingly peaceful setting, players must master the pressures of underwater exploration with unique Cetacea traits, such as Jupiter's echolocation technique to see through objects and murky waters, or your AI companion Mars' ramming ability to crush your way through barriers.

Jupiter & Mars is being developed by Tigertron, Inc. The game is set to release on the PS4 with VR support this Spring of 2019.

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