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Dolmen – New Video Shows Development of Main Character

The team at Massive Work Studio believes that community involvement is a crucial part of a game’s success and, with only two weeks left and just under half their Kickstarter goal met, they’re doubling down by offering another behind the scenes look at their horrifying Soulsborne-inspired Action-RPG DOLMEN.

Dolmen - New Video Shows Development of Main Character
The Zoan ship is where the journey begins. It just so happens to hold some of humanity’s most advanced technology and doubles as the only small piece of normalcy in DOLMEN’s world —  acting as a proverbial life raft for the player facing the otherwise inhospitable planet of Revion Prime. Aside from an impressive command room and fully-equipped workstation for building and modifying weapons and armor, there is also a kitchen on the ship — a small, yet meaningful connection to home and human society. The Zoan ship also acts as the protagonist’s larger inventory, meaning resources obtained in the outside world not stored there can be lost forever. Home is where the loot is, after all. 

Dolmen - New Video Shows Development of Main Character
Meet the massive, eerie Zoan spaceship and experience the protagonist’s pivotal genesis in this new introductory video:

Dolmen Game: Development of the Zoan Ship and Main Character

Once developer Massive Work Studio reaches their initial $90,000 funding goal, DOLMEN will be available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 in late 2019 (a Nintendo Switch version is an early stretch goal).

To learn more about DOLMEN and details about the Kickstarter campaign, please visit The Kickstarter page.

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