Disney PIXAR: LEGO The Incredibles Announced

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!... nope, wrong superhero team. This family of superheroes make their LEGO debut. The Parr family are suiting up very soon.

Disney PIXAR: LEGO The Incredibles Announced
Childhood is calling, and it wants to unite two greats into something incredible. And that's precisely what this is- a game by the colossal giant that is LEGO using the IPs from Disney and PIXAR's
The Incredibles.

Believe it or not, the first movie came out in 2004. That's 14 long years that we've been awaiting this super sequel. Some avid fans probably counted the days in anticipation, and some still do. It was a delightful family film on superheroes balancing normal life, and we wanted more.

This year brings us the hotly anticipated sequel: The Incredibles 2 which pretty much promises more of what we loved the first time around. To coincide with this,  a trailer revealed that we are getting a game by the aforementioned big guys. In typical fashion, it'll involve co-operative play enjoyable by everyone- family, friend, rival, villain, pet or baby. Zoom through the streets or lift up bricks; yes, lots of bricks will be smashed when it releases this June 15th alongside the film on every modern gaming console except mobile.

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