Disney Launches New Adventure Theme Park App

We all spend a significant portion of our day trying to kill time. Whether we are on a long train ride, stuck in line waiting for coffee or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office. Thankfully, in our day and age, we can rely on smartphones to help us pass the time with some of our most beloved games.

Disney Launches New Adventure Theme Park App

Disney apparently thought the same and launched the Play Disney Park app a few days ago, which lets you play different games while waiting in line for rides. The app only functions within the compounds of Disney theme parks and offers everything from mini-games that interact with real, physical elements that you see in line to multiplayer board games that can be played together with the whole family. There are specific games for each of the major rides that are not only supposed to keep you entertained during waiting times, but also "prepare" you for the ride and help you immerse yourself in the overall park experience.

With Play Disney Park, the company also aims to further establish itself in the gaming industry, so we probably have not heard the last of Disney mobile games.

5 Engrossing Adventure Games You Can Also Play Offline

Inspired by the Disney theme of adventure, we wanted to discuss more games in this field. The adventure genre is highly diverse and encompasses a broad array of different categories from point-and-click to fast-paced action or puzzle solving. The focus lies more on entertainment than the competition, however, as adventure games can require the simple search for hidden objects or include substantial and compelling storylines that get you hooked within a matter of minutes. Here are five different types of adventure games you should not miss:

1. Puzzle Solving: Limbo

This is an excellent choice if you want to immerse yourself in a minimalistic yet highly atmospheric puzzle game. You take on the role of a little boy called Limbo, who runs through a perilous forest in search of his sister. On your way through, you have to solve riddles, avoid hidden traps, fight enemies and make it through an eerie, two-dimensional black and white environment. There is not much music to the game which makes the occasional sound effect, when faced with danger, all the more scary.

2. Sandbox classic: Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Chances are you have already played this game a hundred times and know it inside out. The open world game lets you explore and build anything imaginable in Lego-style which can keep you busy for months on end. However, this doesn't have to keep you from also enjoying it on your mobile device.

There is no Wi-Fi connection needed for the single-player mode, however, if you like playing with friends, you will need internet access. In order to design the game to your heart's desire and make up your own rules, it is worth looking into setting up your own Minecraft server, as is explained here, to enjoy a maximum level of freedom. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is your go-to casual game for idle times. Frequent content updates to the game are released on a regular basis to ensure that you won't get bored.

3. Click-and-point: Thimbleweed Park

Jump into the characters of two detectives and solve a murder mystery, all the while disclosing the underbelly of the town of Thimbleweed Park. This click-and-point game comes from the creator of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. It has many memorable lines and characters and will keep you engaged for hours. To control the game, simply choose from a list of action words such as "pick up" or "use," followed by a click on a character or an object. What keeps the title particularly interesting is the fact that it lets you switch between various characters mid-game.

4. Exploration: Badland

With already four years under its belt, this mobile game will definitely still not disappoint! Badland is mostly praised for its artistic design and intuitive gameplay. As you progress through each of the 80 levels, you have to guide several forest creatures through the mysterious and chilling environments of Badland, while evading traps and enemies. Your ultimate goal is to get as many of your forest dwellers safely to the end of each level as you can!

5. Episodic adventure: Life is Strange

This game takes you as close to being inside a movie as possible! You follow the adventures of the female protagonist Max Caulfield, who discovers her power to rewind time in order to alter past events. Throughout the game, which is set in the fictional town of Arcadia Bay, you can interact with characters and objects and must make decisions which ultimately change the way the story plays out.

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