Discover New Worlds in Fantasy RPG, Gatewalkers

Take exploration to a whole new level, exploring diverse worlds, defeating the local beasts, battling the environment, and adventuring with your friends in upcoming survival RPG, Gatewalkers. With each world procedurally generated, who knows what we will walk into next?

Discover New Worlds in Fantasy RPG, Gatewalkers

Gatewalkers is a co-op survival RPG that takes us to multiple worlds, travelling through mystical Gates that can transport Gatewalkers to other realms. With each world ‘procedurally generated’, a player’s experience in each will be unique. Facing extreme weather conditions, toxic atmospheres, a lack of water and many other challenges along the way, we will have to use our skill and surroundings in order to survive.


Co-Op: Only the chosen few can become Gatewalkers, and as one yourself, you can venture through to other worlds. Play on your own, or team up to explore the strange places beyond the Gates.

World Exploration: Each world you will explore is procedurally generated, meaning that each time you go through a Gate, your experience will be different. The unique terrains that await are brimming with resources for your crafting supplies, but also with monsters too. Wrangle with the local beasts, and battle the weather and the toxic air, but be wary. Some places may run low with supplies, so take care of what you take through the Gates with you. In February, the developers released information about the Ice World, which will introduce new features and obstacles.

Battle the local beasts and the environment to survive the worlds beyond the Gates in upcoming RPG, Gatewalkers.

Battle the local beasts and the environment to survive the worlds beyond the Gates in upcoming RPG, Gatewalkers.

Survival: Solo survival is always difficult, but with a team your chances of survival increase. Responsibilities can be shared amongst your teammates. The key to survival depends on a teams cooperation.

Skill-Based Combat: Combat in this game relies on skill. Balance your skills, position, timing, and teamwork to fight each enemy and claim victory.

Crafting: Discover recipes and venture through the Gates to find what you need to build the ultimate weapon.

No Predefined Classes: Instead of classes to choose from, players can equip whichever items they like to give them a unique set of skills, so experiment with new weapons and armour sets to get the best ones for your play style.

Gatewalkers - Gameplay Trailer

Gatewalkers will be available on PC (Steam) this year.

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