Discord Voice Chat Rumored to Be Coming to PS5

PlayStation 5 is rumored to be getting full Discord integration by the end of this year. This means players will have an integrated way to chat with friends while enjoying multiplayer experiences on PS5.

Discord Voice Chat Rumored to Be Coming to PlayStation 5 Cover

According to an article published on Exputer, PlayStation 5 may be getting Discord voice chat integration by the end of this year. This integration of Discord’s VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) on PS5 is a long-awaited feature. And though PS5 technically already has Discord integration, as of right now it only allows players to see each other’s activity. 

Discord remains one of the most widely-used VoIP platforms to date. With over 300 million users, there’s no doubt that many of them are console gamers. Though over the years Discord has tried to distance themselves from the “gaming platform” image, it still remains popular in the gaming community for a variety of reasons. 

Discord Voice Chat Rumored to Be Coming to PlayStation 5

Discord integration with PlayStation 5 currently

For one, it allows fans to come together in Discord communities to talk and bond over their favorite games. Moreover, it allows players of the same games to connect and chat together live while playing multiplayer games. This could improve the quality of gameplay for many PlayStation fans who enjoy multiplayer experiences. And with Xbox integrating voice chat earlier this year, PlayStation fans may be wondering when their time will come. 

Additionally, this VoIP integration could allow for more time spent with friends. This is a benefit to not only players, but also to PlayStation. As of right now, to engage in online multiplayer, you must have a PS Plus membership. Full Discord integration on PS5 means that more players may flock to the platform, where they may not have before due to lack of voice chat integration. 

Though there is no official announcement as of yet, the integration is rumored to launch at the end of this year. 

SOURCE: Exputer