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Disc Jam is Coming to Switch Next Month

The action-packed disc flinging spiritual successor to Windjammers, Disc Jam, will be zoomin' over to a Switch near you next month! This interesting competitive gem is sure to shake up the eShop on the console hybrid come February.

Disc Jam is Coming to Switch Next Month
Disc Jam, the exciting spiritual successor to Windjammers, has finally been confirmed for a release on the Switch for February 8th in North America.

This unique futuristic sports game which previously released on the PS4 and PC last year will retail for $14.99 and seems to have all content that the other versions contain.

Disc Jam is Coming to Switch Next Month - Jamming Out
If you've never heard of this indie gem before, feel free to read up on our review of the PS4 version in which we rated it a 7/10:

This will surely be a pleasant addition to the growing catalogue of eShop games and will be tons of fun to experience while out and about with its local modes as well as on the couch with online.

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