Dirt Devil in Heavy Metal Machines Update

The vengeful Dirt Devil sweeps the competition in Heavy Metal Machines. Developers from Hoplon introduced a new playable character in their vehicular arena combat game. Tomorrow, they unleash a Steam update that adds a tenth all-new character: Dirt Devil!

10th character Dirt Devil in Heavy Metal Machines
So developer Hoplon is carving up an extra serving of delectable chaos! Last month, they introduced Full Metal Judge as a new playable character. Tomorrow, they unleash a Steam update that adds a tenth all-new character.

Dirt Devil

The folly of man and his destructive ways have shaped the wasteland. Its terrain is unforgiving to its inhabitants, corroding both their vehicles and their scraps of remaining humanity. But one man flourishes in the sand seas of the wasteland, the Sand Gang captain himself: Dirt Devil! He earned his name thanks to his thirst for revenge against the towering sand worm, losing both his arm and eye in the process. His quest brings him to the Heavy Metal Machines arena in search of new prey to sharpen his combat skills for the fateful day when he can settle the score with his true enemy.

Dirt Devil specializes in creating chaos in the arena with his suite of disorienting skills, making him an incredibly effective Interceptor class character.

His unique abilities are quite troublesome for foes:

  • Off-Road

When charging enemy players head-on, Dirt Devil leaves the ground and leaps over them just before the moment of collision to psych them out and gain the upper hand.

  • Landmines

Dirt Devil can drop up to five explosive landmines behind him to damage and daze enemies on his tail, perfect for slowing down or demolishing pursuers.  

  • Harpoon and Chain

There’s no escaping the vengeful Dirt Devil! This warrior can shoot a frontal harpoon to attach to and slow enemies down, or fling himself in their direction by latching to arena structures!

  • Hit ‘em Hard, Mates 

What’s a captain without his mates? Dirt Devil’s ultimate ability calls in an air support attack chopper to rain down hellfire on enemy players, issuing damage and slowdown. It’s an absolutely dirty tactic. But all's fair in love, war – and in the arena!

To learn more about Heavy Metal Machines and the newly playable Dirt Devil, check out his character profile page.

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