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Dirt 5’s New Energy Content Pack Adds Porsche Taycan

The new energy content pack for Dirt 5 arrives next week with new cars and some free content for everyone. As Codemasters promised, the game would receive plenty of content, both free and exclusive for Amflified Edition owners. This is the first major update of 2021 and there's many to come.

Dirt 5's New Energy Content Pack Adds Porsche TaycanIt’s been a while since Dirt 5 got its latest update, but we’re finally getting a new one this month! The energy content pack arrives on February 22nd with new vehicles, new liveries, new objects for the Playground feature and extended career! After a tough start for Codies, we can hope that the player count bumps up again as Dirt 5 lost most of its players the first month. While the player count is decreasing, this update will surely bring back the lost players. Here are the following cars you’ll find in the upcoming pack:

  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • GMC Sierra Pre-Runner
  • Alpine A110 Sports X
  • Porsche Taycan Turbo S

These are some brilliant additions to the game since they’re some highly requested vehicles. Especially that Porsche Taycan, which Forza fans are still begging for to play around with. However, these vehicles are available for Amplified Edition owners only. Along these cars, the career mode will be extended by 25 new events. It’s enough to keep you rally fans busy for a while. At last, the Playground feature will have 20 new objects which are free regardless version of the game. 

The list of all new content coming in this pack

The list of all new content coming in this pack

Bugs fixes are most likely included within this update which is necessary for this title, as it launched with several bugs. If this isn’t enough for you, just bear in mind that this is the first update of 2021. Codemasters will continue throughout the year, if not throughout 2022 as well. But for now, enjoy the new update and its amazing content!

DIRT 5 | Official Launch Trailer | Out Now

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