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Dirt 5’s Future Updates Will Add Plenty of Free Content

The long awaited major content update for Dirt 5 is on its way with new vehicles, tracks and features players have wished for. There's going to be something new for all players regardless version of the game and it won't disappoint the Dirt fans. The future is looking very promising too.

Dirt 5's Next Update Will Add Plenty of Free ContentThe latest title in the Dirt franchise came to the market less than 2 months ago. Ever since the launch, the game received minor updates, mostly bug fixes and a small winter themed update. Now it’s time to deliver the update we’ve all waited for. The very first update of 2021 adds new content, both free and Amplified Edition exclusive content such as new cars, tracks, races, customisation and online features. 

The news were announced on Dirt’s Twitter account, where they stated a whole list of content coming in the update. Better be prepared for a huge update arriving to your console soon. Release date will eventually be announced in short. 

Multiple free updates is now confirmed, however, it’s not confirmed what exactly that’ll be free for all players. Considering the Amplified Edition had exclusive vehicles and customisation, it’s presumably going to be similar exclusives. No specific information were given on what the update contains, but Codemasters will most likely announce that on Twitter as soon as they’re ready. 

Looking at statistics, the number of players has decreased by over 50% since launch. According to the Steam chart, the number of players peaked at 659 during the launch (only on Steam). In the past 30 days, it barely reached 200 monthly players. The legendary Dirt 3 somehow got more active players, despite the game is about a decade old. Perhaps free content will attract players to return to the game as it didn’t quite succeed as the previous titles. Usually when a new major update comes out, the number of players bumps up a bit. Ultimately, frequent updates would possibly make the game last longer. Forza Horizon 4 is a great example of a long-lasting game due to frequent updates. 

Dirt 5 - Snow Limits Free Content Pack | PS5, PS4

As Codemasters stated in their tweet, players should expect even more major updates throughout 2021. It’s very necessary for them to add these updates since the game received mixed reviews, so there’s room for improvements. If you haven’t got your hands on the game yet, you might want to check out our Dirt 5 review. Otherwise, stay tuned for more Dirt 5 news!

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