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Dirt 5 Has Been Delayed

Dirt 5 has officially been delayed, but there's no need to get worried at all. The release of Dirt 5 was just around the corner until Codemasters recently announced on twitter that the game will be delayed for only for a short time of period. The delay applies to both editions of the game.

Dirt 5 has been delayed

Codemasters announced on Twitter that Dirt 5 is officially delayed. Fortunately, the delay will last for only a week. No specific reason was given, and so it’ll remain a little mystery. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t bother the players because the delay is so short. There may be another announcement coming later on Codemasters’s Twitter page, but nothing is confirmed.

Here’s what Codemasters stated on Twitter:

The game was originally supposed to come out on October 9, but as mentioned above, the new release date will be on October 16. The reason is still unknown, and we probably won’t get an explanation either. A theory could be an issue in the game that’s recently been discovered. Therefore, Codemasters will need more time to fix the issue to release a complete game. Better delay than rush. Codemasters have put a great amount of time into developing and polishing an extensive career mode. For that reason, it’s totally understandable that a delay is needed. 

Dirt 5 | Official Announce Trailer

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