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Dirt 5 Gets a Second Delay

The already delayed Dirt 5 is getting another delay. With less than a month until actual release, Codemasters announced on Twitter that the game must be delayed one more time. The wait is much longer than expected, but we're still looking ahead of more announcements to come.

Dirt 5 Gets a Second Delay

We were just a month away from release and, unfortunately, we are now two months from release. Codemasters announced on Twitter that Dirt 5 has been delayed by less than a month. The new release date is November 6 (previously October 16). Even though it’s the second time the game receives a delay, fans aren’t frustrated about the news. The game received a delay not too long ago which is still unknown, however, it was only a week-long delay. The reason behind those delays may be a lack of time, but nothing is confirmed. Some people suggest they want to release the game along with the release of next-gen consoles.

Here’s all information we got from Codemasters on Twitter:

The reason for a second delay will most likely remain unknown, but we’re looking ahead of more details. For instance, the full car list hasn’t been revealed yet, and we’re probably going to see other information as well. Perhaps more features that Codemasters haven’t shown us yet. Recently, fans got surprised by a bunch of gameplay videos of the newly announced feature called “playground”, a mode that lets players show their creativity by building their own tracks. With these surprise announcements, the hype just keeps growing more and more. Better keep an eye open for more announcements soon!

Dirt 5 - Playgrounds Trailer | PS4, PS5