Digimon Con 2023 Recap

Digimon Con has come and gone. Here is a quick overview of things that occurred during the premiere broadcast of the event. For those looking for a quick recap may be able to rewatch the event for those unable to attend in person.

DigimonCon Recap

Digimon Con 2023 has now come and gone. With the end of the convention and the livestream even, fans can visit the site itself for more information. The event premiered on YouTube for all to see on the official Bandai account. Below is a link to the entire English playlist, with each one sectioned out, followed by a recap of the livestream and the announcements made. 

DIGIMON CON Digimon Games Ultimate Information and Q&A Session 《English ver.》


Fans are greeted to the music performed by Wienners where they performed Faction, the opening to Digimon Ghost Game, the latest anime series in the Digimon franchise. The stream featured many references to Digimon Ghost Game throughout the premiere. Also, the celebration of Digimon Frontier‘s 20th anniversary. 

Joint Interview

After the performance and opening announcements, there was a joint interview with Junko Takeuchi, the Japanese voice actor who voiced Takuya from Digimon Frontiers. She is also a popular voice as she voices Naruto from the Naruto series. Also, she provided the voice for Gommamon in Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure Tri. She is joined by Mutsumi Tamura, Japanese voice actor for Hiro in Digimon Ghost Game. Tamura also worked along Takeuchi during the production of Digimon Adventure Tri, in which she provides the voice for Koshiro Izumi aka Izzy Izumi. The two have a history of working with each other, showing a nice back and forth between the two voice actresses. 

Digimon World: Next Order information

Next up was information on the port of Digimon World: Next Order. It explains the gameplay of the game for newcomers looking to try out this game. However, for those who have played the game, it didn’t show off any new information or features for those who have already played the game. It is slated for a release of February 22, 2023. So, it is sufficient to say that with the release so close that this will merely be a port of the old game. So those holding out hope for extra content may be sorely disappointed. However, the addictive gameplay of Digimon Next World: Order will now be portable as it was intended since its initial release on the PSP. That being said, there could be innate gameplay changes yet revealed, so stay tuned to KeenGamer to get the full scope. 

Digimon Seekers Banner

Digimon Seekers Banner

Digimon Seekers

The big mystery announcement of Digimon Con was the announcement of the Digimon 25th Anniversary project to be announced. Prior to the announcement was a concert performed by AiM, the voice actress for Mimi, and singer. She used her voice to rerise classic Digimon ED’s like Adventure’s Keep On and others. She was also joined by Michihiko Ohta, a singer, composer and arranger who also worked on Digimon and other anime series.

First, we are greeted to a live action trailer, showcasing brief glimpses into a dystopian like world. There we are greeted with our protagonist of this serious and his partner Digimon, Loogamon, a wolf-like Digimon created for the project. As often with anniversary projects Bandai are known for creating anniversary Digimon. 

Pictured are Ryudamon (Left) Loogamon (Center), and Dorumon (Right)

It is introduced with alongside a big media push. An online web comic that will be regularly updated, for those who want to follow the series. It will be provided in Japanese, Chinese, and English. Not often the western fans of Digimon are recognized so it is a nice surprise. Along with the series that will release trailers and regular updates of the story. A key component is the Digimon Linker that will be not only be a key item for the story but can currently be preordered as of now. With live action trailers and accompanied with real products based on the series.  

In the live chat, many fans were interested in the story and the aspect of the project. However, it was clear not everyone was seeing the watchers quickly begin to fall during the announcement. But overall fans seem mixed seeing that it wasn’t a game announcement, but most are very curious about the big push for the project. However, there are more events planned for Digimon in the future, as this is only the beginning.

Digimon Linker and promo art for Digimon Seekers

Digimon Linker and promo art for Digimon Seekers

Other Announcements

There were other events that occurred during Digimon Con. There were the card game battle live event matches. While no news announcements occurred, there were showcases of the Digimon Card Game. Later in the evening was the announcement of the toy line of the Digimon Ghost Game characters. Along with merchandise there is showcases of the illustration contests entries that were showed on screen. 

Though no new game announcements, there is more Digimon content scheduled to be coming in at a later date. Stay updated with KeenGamer for more news on Digimon

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