Diablo Immortal Release: 1 Day Early and Thriving

Diablo Immortal has been released for IOS and Android 1 day before what was expected and it has hit the ground running. It tops the mobile game charts and has had its fair share of reviews, both positive and negative. Yet, no one can deny that the hype is real.

Diablo Immortal release 1 day early and thrivingBlizzard wanted to release the new Diablo game on June 2nd, but the Diablo Immortal release took place on June 1st. It could be that the hype around the game convinced the developers to bring the date forward; as the game has already become the number 1 news in the community. It’s comprehensible, as the game was announced 4 years ago in 2018 Blizzcon. In the start, the audience was pretty pessimistic about it, but as trailers were released, the hype started growing.

Diablo Immortal Release First Impressions

Now, with the game being available for most IOS and Android phones, fans have already started to give their feedback (and it’s not bad). The game has more than a million downloads on both platforms and the players’ reviews have been decent. On the Play Store, the game has a 4.8/5 rating (from 100,000+ reviews) and on IOS, it has a 3,9/5 (from 600+ reviews).

On the same note, different gaming reviewers have also given their opinion, and it has been rather positive; with most rating it a solid 4/5, and some even naming it “the best Diablo game in years”. Of course, it has also received criticism, such as its likely pay-to-win dynamics, but most comments have been rather positive. Let’s take a look at the best and worst parts of the game so far.

After the Diablo Immortal release, its combat and visuals have been greatly appreciated

After the Diablo Immortal release, its combat and visuals have been greatly appreciated

The Best of Diablo Immortal

  1. Although most reviewers state different good points about the game, they all share one opinion: the game controls are awesome. All players can agree that some mobile games are very awkward to play, but some are very good at this. For example, League of Legends: Wildrift has showcased some very good controls and Diablo has taken notes.
  2. The story is very interesting. When comparing the narrative to Diablo III, most reviewers agree that the story is much better. It digs deeper into the evil, satanic core while bringing back some known characters. At the same time, reviewers state that it is a better sequel to Diablo II, being set after it.
  3. The combat sections in the Diablo series have not been bad, but, for most, the combat in Diablo Immortal is very good. The fast-paced, moment-driven fights are more challenging and complex than in past games. As such, the player gets to appreciate these moments much more than before.

The Worst of Diablo Immortal

  1. It is clear that being a free-to-play game, Blizzard would want to include some kind of in-game monetization. Yet, the pay-to-win nature of the game is quite frustrating. In order to improve your character and level up, you need to grind a lot, but it’s very hard. However, do not worry, noble knight! You can spend a whole lot of money and grind those levels quite fast and easily.
  2. At some points in the game, simplification can be worse. A fine example is abilities, which now are way less customizable than in past Diablo’s. This can be easier to get a hold of at the start, but expert players can feel limited in their choices.
Diablo Immortal Review in Progress

(Video by IGN)

The Diablo Immortal release has taken over the mobile gaming market, but it’s just the start. The game will probably receive expansions and new content in the upcoming months, as well as more in-depth reviews. Yet, the first impressions are in and players have already made up their minds: Diablo Immortal is good, even great, but we’ll have to see how the in-game transactions work out in the end.

You can find Diablo Immortal in the Play Store and App Store

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