Devotion Returning To Sale After Two Year Absence

The Taiwanese horror game Devotion is returning to sale after being de-listed from Steam in 2019 after sparking controversy with its depiction of Chinese president Xi Jinping. The developer Red Candle Games is now selling the game DRM-free through its own website.

Devotion Returning To Sale After Three Year AbsenceThe long de-listed first-person horror game Devotion is returning to sale for the first time in two years, as announced by the developer Red Candle Games via Twitter. The Taiwanese game originally launched on Steam in February 2019 but was removed from sale after only a week due to sparking a controversy surrounding an allegedly mocking depiction of Chinese president Xi Jinping.

In June of last year, the game did receive a limited physical release, but only in Taiwan. More recently, the game was due to receive a re-release on GOG in December of last year. This launch was cancelled, however, with GOG citing “messages from gamers” as being the reason for the reversed decision to sell the game.

After these repeated troubles with larger distribution platforms, Red Candle Games has decided to instead sell the game through the company’s own channels, providing a DRM-free version for sale digitally on the developer’s official website. The game costs $16.99 and can also be bought as part of a bundle, including the soundtrack, costing $20.68. Red Candle Games’ previous release Detention has also been made available for sale on the site, and the company said they intend to release future games in the same way too.

What do you think about Devotion returning to sale? Did you miss out on picking it up before? Let us know in the comments.

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