Devolver Digital Planning a July Showcase

With no E3 this year, Devolver Digital is planning to have its annual crazy and violent Devolver Direct showcase this July if all goes well during production. The indie publisher will deliver updates and release dates on its upcoming games. We expect a side of wackiness to go with the main course of video game news.

Serious Sam title screen

Devolver Direct, Devolver Digital’s showcase is coming this July if everything goes according to plan. The indie publisher posted the announcement on Twitter, stating that it will show off release dates, updates and gameplay on upcoming games.

With the absence of E3 and other major events, major video game companies are adjusting to virtual showcases instead. Devolver has been known to do things differently as it mixes a conference with a gory comedic skit that evolves every year. As you may expect to see something on some indie games, expect violence and mayhem to occur.

Last year, Devolver showed off a slew of games, some of which have come out while others we are still waiting on. Devolver Bootleg, for example, came out as a package of eight ripoffs of Devolver titles for PS4, Xbox One, but is only currently listed on store pages for PC. Meanwhile, we are still waiting to hear more about Carrion, a retro-styled horror game where you play as the monster, and Serious Sam 4, which is set to release in August for PC and Google Stadia.

Serious Sam 4 - A Classic Returns August 2020

What type of chaos do you want to see from the upcoming Devolver Digital showcase this July? Also, are there any games you hope to see?

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