Devolver Digital Announces Loop Hero, Releasing 2021

The always unpredictable publisher has announced a unique mix of procedural and strategy dungeon crawling. Featuring an old-school feel, and the excitement of card management, Loop Hero has already preemptively won Devolver Digital's 2021 GOTY Award.

Devolver Digital Announces Loop Hero, Releasing 2021During the pre-show for The Game Awards last night, Devolver Digital gave a special presentation announcing their 2021 Game of the Year, Loop Hero. Developed by Four Quarters, this new take on a rogue-like is certainly something I’ve never seen before.

Loop Hero will release on Steam in 2021. The development team released a demo of the project on in December 2019.

The game started as a Ludum Dare 45 entry in 2019 and was picked up by Devolver Digital this year. Each looping path is randomly generated, and players will place enemies and terrain using a deck of cards. Defeating enemies earns you loot, and everything you gather can help reinforce your camp and give an extra edge to the next run.

Graphically, it feels like a throwback to PC RPGs of old, and will surely appeal to fans of dungeon crawlers of the past. Keep an eye out for more news about Loop Hero as we move into 2021.

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