Devil May Cry voice actor shot at during Guatemala filming

Reuben Langdon, the man behind Devil May Cry's Dante and Street Fighters' Ken, was able to avoid gunfire during an attempted car theft. The actor, along with associates Steve Copeland and Phil Lane Jr, were filming a documentary in Guatemala, Visions of the Ages, over the weekend. While the two were leaving, an unknown assailant attempted to gain access to the car that they were in.

Devil May Cry voice actor shot at during Guatemala filming
When the unidentified person failed to get into the vehicle, he pulled a gun out on them and took six shots at their vehicle. The group was able to get the car running and sped away. A Facebook video, posted by Steve Copeland shows the two examining the damage, and revealed that one of the bullets was lodged into the back of Langdon's chair, which thankfully stopped its progress. Luckily, Langdon, Lane Jr. and Copeland were unharmed.

Langdon, in the spirit of Dante, jokingly tweeted, "So glad I had my bulletproof coffee this morning! "

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