Devil May Cry V ships over 2 million copies

Devil May Cry 5 ships over 2 million copies. Capcom released information in a press release. The Series has now shipped over 19 million copies since 2001.

Devil May Cry V ships over 2 million copies
Things have been looking up for Devil May Cry. After the poor sales of DmC: Devil May Cry in 2013, it would seem that the series would be put on ice. However, after years of waiting, fans finally got to see Dante and the gang back in action with Devil May Cry 5. Since then, Devil May Cry 5 has received critical acclaim, holding an 87 on Metacritic.

Now, things are getting better as Capcom announced in a press release that Devil May Cry 5 has now shipped over 2 million copies worldwide. It's a vast improvement over DmC: Devil May Cry, which only shipped 1 million copies in its first month. The latter was expected to sell 2 million copies, but Capcom had to revise its forecasted sales lower to about 1.2 million copies.

Along with the improved sales, Devil May Cry 5 also marks the series now officially selling over 19 million copies. "One of Capcom's major brands, the games in this series have cumulatively sold more than 19 million units* since the first title was released in 2001," said the press release.

For what we thought of Devil May Cry 5, check out our review.

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