Devil May Cry V PS4 Patch Removes Censorship in US Version

A new Devil May Cry V patch will remove censorship in the US version. The patch will also contain the Bloody Palace game mode. European versions, however, will still contain censorship.

Devil May Cry V patch removes censorship in US Version
Yesterday, Devil May Cry V saw the release of Patch 1.07, which contained the game’s Bloody Palace game mode as well as various bug fixes. Interestingly, the patch also removed the minor bit of censorship that was included in the international PS4 versions of Devil May Cry V. Throughout various cutscenes that would feature Lady and Trish in their… birthday suits, the game would flash a lens flare to obscure them. None of this included full frontal nudity, but it did show off their backsides and rears. You can see a video below comparing the US and Japanese versions:

Devil May Cry V Trish Scene Censored On PS4

However, these changes will only apply to the US versions of the game. European owners of Devil May Cry V will still have to contend with the lens flares.

For what we thought of Devil May Cry V, be sure to check out our review.

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