Devil May Cry V Gets New Trailer And Special Edition Details

Devil May Cry V releases early next year and the newest trailer shows off more tantalizing and stylish gameplay for new and old fans alike. Dante gets the spotlight here showing off his available weapons and abilities. Also shown is a brand new and mysterious character only known as V.

DMCV Gets An Action-Packed Trailer Featuring Our Favorite Demon Slayer Dante!
Devil May Cry V is the next iteration of the popular demon-slaying franchise from Capcom. Fans were divided with the recent reboot of the franchise known as DmC Devil May Cry but now are extremely excited to play the next main installment in the series. the most recent trailer from the Tokyo Game Show focused upon series mainstay Dante and his weapons and abilities available in the game.

Dante will be one of the 3 main playable characters during the main story campaign of Devil May Cry V. He'll be helping Nero defend the fictional Red Grace City. This title is set chronologically after the events of Devil May Cry 4 and Devil May Cry 2. Dante is equipped with his classic Rebellion sword alongside his twin handguns Ebony and Ivory. Also shown off in the trailer was a hand-to-hand fighting weapon for Dante that looked eerily similar to the Ifirit weapon from the 1st game. He can also utilize his motorcycle for traversal and during combat as a weapon to slay his enemies.

Also shown off in the trailer was Dante's infamous Devil Trigger form in all its HD glory. Longtime fans will find much to love here in what's been shown of the game so far. Some of the footage focuses on Nero but most of the action stays centered upon Dante. The last show shows the 3rd playable character known as V. Not much is known about the character at this point.

Devil May Cry V looks to be one of the best entries in the franchise to date. The combat, graphical clarity, music choice, voice-acting, and overall design look to be taking the series in a great direction. The game will be released on March 8th, 2019 and will offer a Deluxe Edition which gives new Devil Breaker arms for Nero and a stronger bike weapon for Dante amongst other bonuses.

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