Devil May Cry V director considered Dragon’s Dogma 2

Game Director Hideaki Itsuno decides to make Devil May Cry V over making a Dragon's Dogma sequel.

Devil May Cry V director considered Dragon's Dogma 2
In an interview with, Devil May Cry V director Hideaki Itsuno said to have ideas in regarding a sequel to 2012's Dragon's Dogma. The open-world RPG has since been ported over to current-gen consoles and PC and had a Japan-only MMO game released in 2015.

Itsuno, who co-directed Dragon's Dogma said the following:

"So, when the discussion came up for Devil May Cry 5, I went to Kenzo [Kenzo Tsujimoto, Capcom founder] and I said… look, I want to make either Devil May Cry 5 or Dragon’s Dogma 2 next,” Itsuno told VG247 via a translator as part of a Devil May Cry 5 media tour. “He said ‘okay, do whatever you want. Do whichever one you want.’ So I thought, alright, y’know what… let’s do DMC5. So we did that"

Itsuno also called Dragon's Dogma one of his proudest achievements:

"Whenever I make a game, I make specifically what I want to play, what I’ve always wanted to play. Dragon’s Dogma is one of those things where ever since I was a kid this is the kind of experience I wanted from a game. I think about that and then I work towards creating that experience."

While this is good news for Devil May Cry fans, fans of Dragon's Dogma will have to wait a little longer for a sequel to get a new installment.
Devil May Cry V is set to release on March 8, 2019. 

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