Devil May Cry 5 summons a trailer for the new mysterious V

Capcom's long awaited Devil May Cry 5, has finally revealed gameplay of it's third playable character, V! Unlike Nero and Dante, V is a newcomer to the series with an unknown backstory. V fights by using summoned demons, and attacks with his cane.

Devil May Cry 5 finally summons a trailer for the new mysterious V
IGN premiered new a Devil May Cry 5 trailer that was entirely dedicated to the third and new playable character, V. Opposed to Nero and Dante’s more direct and up close way of fighting, V is more about fighting from a distance. He summons demons to mostly fight for him. The three demons that he uses, seem to be based off three powerful enemies from the original Devil May Cry (appearance and combat wise). The panther being based off Shadow, the raven based off Griffon, and the golem based off Nightmare. V does seem to do some of the grunt work, as he is seen using strikes with his cane, even summoning phantom versions of his cane to impale enemies. His “Devil Trigger” turns his hair white, strangely enough like the Ninja Theory’s version of Dante.

Devil May Cry 5: Gameplay Trailer - IGN First

As for story details, V is heard reciting lines from famous poetry most likely tied to who is he is, also featuring his bird demon talking to him. The segment that probably raises the most questions is when V looks at an unconscious Dante, and is about to stab him with the Sparda sword wishing Dante wasn’t born. Could V not have the same righteous motives as the other two protagonists?

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