Development of Alan Wake 2 and Control Games Will Continue, says Remedy

Remedy announced in an earnings report that the development of Alan Wake 2 and two Control games will continue as planned. Both Control games are early on in development while Alan Wake 2 is still on the path to be released in 2023.

Development of Alan Wake 2 and Control Games Will Continue, says Remedy

According to Remedy, the development of Alan Wake 2 and two new Control games will continue as planned. The publisher released information about the games’ current stages of development in an earnings report. 

In 2010, Remedy released the cult classic Alan Wake. The game drew inspiration from Stephen King, and it follows a disturbed author’s journey through the darkness to find his wife after their vacation goes south. Following Alan Wake, nine years later Remedy released Control. With a slew of new telepathic powers at her disposal, Jesse Faden must infiltrate the Federal Bureau of Control to find her missing brother. Both games received adequate praise for both their storytelling and design. 

The Control franchise currently has two new games underway. Referred to as Codename Condor and Codename Heron, the first is going to be a spin-off of Control, while the latter will be a “bigger-budget” game. This means Codename Heron may be the highly anticipated sequel to the first game. 

Screenshot of combat from Control

Screenshot of combat from Control

According to Remedy, Codename Condor is currently in the proof-of-concept stage:

“Our development team has discovered smart ways to utilize the world of Control, as well as designs that ensure a cooperative player experience that fits into the world of Condor,” says Remedy,  “These designs are being prototyped and the gameplay already in this early phase feels fun.”

As for Codename Heron, the game is earlier on in development. Currently, it is in in the concept stage with Remedy planning to increase staff as the development of the game progresses. 

As for Alan Wake 2, the game is in the production stage and is still planning to be released in 2023:

“There is still a lot of work to be done, but the game is coming together on all fronts,” reassures Remedy, “User testing continues and the feedback from the user research has been encouraging. After seeing how the elements are coming together, I’m confident we will launch an excellent game” 

Alan Wake 2 is still set to release in 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The new Control games have no release windows as of late. 

SOURCE: Remedy

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