Developers of Forza Horizon 4 Hints That Corvette C8 Might Be Added Soon

The developers of the famous Forza Horizon 4 hints a potential upcoming car for their game. Ever since the Forza Horizon 4 released, fans really got what they requested. Now we're looking ahead of another highly requested car from the community.

Developers of Forza Horizon 4 hints that Corvette C8 might be added soonThe highly requested Corvette C8 could be in Forza Horizon 4 soon as the official Twitter account of Forza Horizon series teases it. We’re approaching Series 31 and more cars are expected to come. No specific information given, however, Playground’s tweet hints that we should expect the brand-new Corvette C8 to appear. Funny enough, the official racing team of Chevrolet contacted Playground Games through Twitter PM to ask this question. Then posting this screenshot doesn’t seem too normal. They’re definitely up to something.

Ever since the car was revealed, over a year ago, fans started requesting the car to appear in Forza. Although the car never became very popular among muscle car fans, it certainly gained more popularity over the time and Forza fans seem to be interested. It’s the very first turbocharged Corvette to also have a mid-engine placement, producing almost 500 horsepower. It would make a perfect addition to the open world racer!

Despite they’re only teasing, you should also expect the car to show up. We have every generation of Corvette in the game, and we’re only missing the latest one. As Turn 10 Studios previously stated, it requires about 6 months of work to get a single car into the game due to the complexity of sourcing vehicles. Therefore, it’s about time to reveal the C8 for the fans, unless they save the car for the next title. Licensing issues could be a reason too, but very unlikely because The Crew 2 and Project CARS 3 got a Corvette C8 in their car roster. 

Forza Horizon 4 | Series 30 - 2020 Koenigsegg Jesko

After all, it’s just a hint that could end up not being true at all. It’s not a part of the leaked list of upcoming cars. We should expect these to come first. The Series 31 update will be out by the end of the month as usual, so stay tuned for more information. 

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