Detroit: Become Human New E3 Trailer

New Detroit: Becoming Human Trailer shown at E3 2017 shows new characters. Join two self-conscious androids as they attempt to liberate all their brethren from a life of servitude. Unfortunately, no release date nor window was given.

Detroit: Become Human New E3 Trailer
Sony's new Detroit:Become Human E3 2017 trailer shows new characters that are part of the android story. Quantic Dreams' newest game shows once again that choices will be a big part of the gameplay and will have serious consequences for the game's progression. In this new trailer we see two self-conscious android rebels attempting to liberate other androids from what they call a life of servitude. Unfortunately, this PS4 exclusive game was not given even a release window. Check out the new footage just below.

Detroit: Become Human | E3 2017 Character Trailer | PS4

Are our readers excited for David Cage's new story? Let us know below. 

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