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Fate Awaits in Amazon’s MMO New World

July 2019 saw the Alpha trials of Amazon’s new Fantasy MMO, New World, with a mix of results. With the highly anticipated closed Beta arriving in April this year, what awaits us on the shores of Aeternum and what exciting features do we have to look forward to?

New World is a Fantasy MMO that sees players battle against the evil forces lured in by an evil element known as the Corruption. When players aren’t facing down the malevolent forces under control of this malicious entity, they will be facing rival companies also keen on taking advantage of Aeternum and the treasures waiting within.


For generations, a substance known as Azoth, rumoured to be the origin of eternal life, attracted many travellers to the shores of Aeternum. Rife with twisted creatures and tormented forces contaminated by the Corruption, the Eternal Isle is not a place to be explored lightly. The effects of the Corruption lies deeper within some more than others. While some are mere vessels for the Corruption to manipulate, others have been granted powers beyond reckoning.

Fight the creatures under the control of the Corruption in Amazon's new MMO, New World

Fight the creatures under the control of the Corruption in Amazon’s new MMO, New World


New World offers many interesting features from a range of attacks, the ability to form companies with other players consisting of hierarchies and team organisation, and the chance to grow your territory using geographical aspects to your advantage.

In a video released on January 18, New World’s Game Director, Scot Lane, answered some questions regarding the PvE (Player verses Environment) and PvP (Player verses Player) aspects. Discussing the PvP issues they’d had during the Alpha testing, a news statement from the development team stated:

One of the problems we observed with this system was that some high level players were killing low level players, A LOT. Sometimes exclusively. This often led to solo or group griefing scenarios that created a toxic environment for many players. To be clear, this behaviour was not shown by all PvP players, but enough to cause significant issues.

This is a problem that a lot of MMOs have. In order to rectify this with New World, the developers scrapped the previous criminal system (in which players were flagged for this kind of behaviour) and decided to go for an opt-in system instead. Once a player reaches level 10, they can find a faction and participate in faction conflicts and battle for territory ownership. They can also take part in 50v50 wars. Playing in PvP allows for bonuses and extra rewards such as additional experience points and exclusive loot. Along with this, battling against another player for their territory will be ‘by appointment’. This eliminates the unfair advantage a company may have in catching a player unaware while they’re not actually playing the game.

With all this in mind, it is also important to note that Scot Lane has said that it is possible to play New World purely PvE, and that they were leaning slightly more towards the PvE elements so that all types of players can play however they want.

The closed Beta for New World starts in April for those who pre-order the game. The pre-orders also include Isabella’s Amulet, a fist bump emote, and a guild crest set for the standard version. The Deluxe edition includes a woodsman boarding axe skin, woodsman armor, a rock, paper, scissors emote set, and a Mastiff house pet.

New World will be available on PC (Steam and Amazon).

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