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Destiny 2 Vendor Begins Selling Forsaken Exotics Next Week

Season of the Drifter brings in a significant change next week. Vendor Xur a.k.a. "that snake-faced bastard" will be having Forsaken Exotics for sale. They are only one item per class and will be in rotation pool though.
Destiny 2 Vendor Begins Selling Forsaken Exotics Next Week

Coming this week's Season of the Drifter, the weekend vendor Xur, better known as "that snake-faced" bastard has a small but significant change to his sales. Exotic items from the Forsaken expansion will be available; a notable change since its been getting harder to acquire in the Forsaken era with the loot pool being diluted by Y1 items.

There is, however, no guarantee that patch will have the Exotic items fully available. As stated, there will be one item offered per class and it will be per week. It is sure though that the Forsaken items will be added to the pool for random selection. Other than the whole Forsaken Exotics patch, Fated Engrams can still be purchased from Xur and will continue to drop Exotic weapons or armor that the player doesn't already own. And since they're not being changed from the patch, new players and those hoping to get a good random perk roll on an armor piece 

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