Destiny 2: Forsaken Hasn’t Sold Very Well

Activision Aren't Happy With the Destiny 2 Expansion's Sales, will focus on "creating new ways for players to engage further with Destiny and spend more money through microtransactions."

Cayde's death dosen't seem to be bringing in the fat stacks they hoped for.
Activision has revealed that Destiny 2's recent expansion, Forsaken isn't selling as well as they'd hoped for. Perhaps the decision to give away Destiny 2 on PC for free might be somewhat telling of the sales. (By the way, you can still get that free copy of Destiny 2 on PC until November 18th.)

In a recent earnings call, Activision COO, Coddy Johnson revealed the news of the expansion's lackluster sales. "While Forsaken is a high-quality expansion with strong engagement and new modes of play, it did not achieve our commercial expectations." Johnson followed up suggesting "there is still work to do to fully re-engaged the core Destiny fanbase."

Despite the strong reviews, it seems that Forsaken isn't quite the hit they've hoped it would be. Coddy Johnson suggested that some players are "still in 'wait and see' mode." Perhaps it might have something to do with Destiny 2's earlier issues and miscommunication or the perceived lack of communication at times between players and developers. None-the-less, it seems that Bungie will keep moving forward with new content planned to release through the year. Last month also saw rumours that Destiny 3 had started early development.

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