Demo for Paper Mario-Inspired Game Scrap Story Released

A few days ago, the demo for the indie game Scrap Story was released. The 2D RPG game is heavily-inspired by Paper Mario. Mac OS and Linux versions of the demo are in development.

Demo for Paper Mario-Inspired Game Scrap Story Released
The demo for the indie game Scrap Story has recently released. The game is heavily inspired by the Paper Mario games; as such, it is a 2D RPG with a paper aesthetic and platforming elements. The game is apparently being developed by a single person and has been in development since 2017, only recently reaching the state where a demo can be put out. The developer is currently seeking feedback and bug reports from players that try out the demo. The developer wrote in a tweet:

‏ @ScrapPaperDev
…By the way, when you work on something for so long it is very hard to observe it from the outside, so any feedback/critiques/bug reports are greatly appreciated.

The demo is now available on for Windows PC with Mac and Linux versions in development. The developer has stated that the any future demos may come to Steam.
There is currently no release date given for the game and, being such an ambitious project, it is possible the game may need crowdfunding in the future to see completion.

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