´Deep Into the City´ update for Dark Train

Dear passangers! Enjoy more secrets in the world of Dark Train. Free update 'Deep Into the City' is live on Steam.

Free Update for DarkTrain - Deep Into the City
From now on Dark Train's journey is enhanced by new levels. Free update 'Deep Into the City' is live on Steam. The game will automatically update, no need to manually download anything.

There are rumors about three mysterious windows in the Borders City which hide some yet undiscovered secrets! It's an abandoned factory of police chief, a playground devoted to forgotten basketball teams, and lastly, an old music room with a really special look-out.

Each window contains a unique reward for Dark Train. You can image that our main railroad conductor Ann 2.35f is already impatient!

So what are you waiting for… Prepare your periscopes!

Dark Train: Deep Into The City 1 [game update]

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