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Deep Down Trademark Extended Again by Capcom

PS4 exclusive Deep Down gets another trademark extension courtesy of publisher Capcom. Could the long dormant title see a re-reveal soon, perhaps at this year's E3?

Deep Down Trademark Extended Again by Capcom
Capcom's long dormant PS4 exclusive, Deep Down, has been granted another trademark extension by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The last fans heard of the title was courtesy of producer Yoshinori Ono over three years ago, who assured that the project was still very much alive but undergoing a change in concept.

The publisher's request mentions that Capcom is making an effort in “product or service research or development.” This implies that Ono's words still ring through to this day, though when or where we'll see the game again remains anyone's guess.

If anything, it's probable that the publisher may change the name of the project within the next couple of years, as this second extension grants Capcom two more years to release the game before losing the name. To put it more specifically, this means that the publisher has until June 20th, 2020 to release the title on Sony's platform or elsewhere.

It's possible that we'll see Deep Down again this E3 or perhaps at Tokyo Game Show later this year, but for now fans will just have to wait.

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