Deceit 2 Launches Free Demo For All – Matchmaking Issue FIXED!

Deceit 2 demo mode has just been announced and it fixes the game's matchmaking issues. Not only that, but in an attempt to make up for a rather disappointing title, the developers at World Makers have fixed many bugs and implemented new features. These features include gameplay-related changes that elevate the entire feel of the game. Despite its rocky start, Deceit 2 seems like its heading in the right direction!

Deceit 2 Launches Free Demo For All -Matchmaking Issue FIXED!Following a troublesome launch full of bugs, glitches, and matchmaking issues, World Makers took it upon themselves to fix their errors. A lot of gaming companies would usually just ignore the negative feedback and carry on with their lives. However, we must give it to the developers as they seem to be listening to all of our criticism and are trying to do better. In an attempt to fix the main issue with the game (matchmaking), World Makers have released a Deceit 2 Demo, in order for you and your friends to finally play together. It’s a great way to boost hype for the game and try to fix things.

Deceit 2 is available for $14.99 on Steam. Make sure to check out our review of Deceit 2 on KeenGamer!

Deceit 2 Demo – What Does It Entail?

In order to access the demo, you’ll need to receive an invitation from somebody who already owns the game, which is fair enough. Players can now gather their friends and enjoy some gameplay, without their friends having to pay anything! This not only boosts the active player base and feeds the community, but also is an extremely thoughtful way of making the game more accessible. 

That being said, as all demos have, there are a few limitations when playing the demo version of the game. As a demo user, you cannot make a public party, instead only being able to join a party that is hosted by a player who owns the full version of the game. Again, fair enough.

Ready-up lobby screen in Deceit 2.

Ready-up lobby screen in Deceit 2.

Secondly, demo users will not be able to purchase items, mutations, shillings, of cosmetics. At first glance this might be a bit annoying, but in a quick, plug-and-play party game, you don’t really need those items anyway. It’s all about having fun with friends. Besides, they need to motivate demo users to purchase the full game somehow! The developers are also working on ‘Accolades’ but progression is exclusive for owners of the full game only.

All in all, these little inconveniences aren’t too bad at all. The important thing is that you can now play with your friends easier, making it all that simpler to overlook some of the flaws. Not only that, but it seems as though World Makers have been closely listening to our feedback, changing and fixing things accordingly. They’ve shortened the intro cinematic, improved animations, and added a bunch of gameplay changes that we think are all for the better.

Below you can find the full list of bug fixes and improvements.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

The following are bug fixes and improvements made by the hard-working development team at World Makers: 

  • Further optimisation to several assets within the Millhaven Asylum.
  • Resolved issues with some Introduction Cinematics being less performant than others, and optimised them all further.
  • Improved lighting in both the Introduction Cinematic and the Main Menu.
  • Tweaked Hans’ main menu animation to prevent shoulder clipping.
  • Added an extra layer to the Infected music for the start of the Enraged period.
  • Improved the grenade and flare animations.
  • The Motion Sensor now self-destructs post-activation. We’ve also fixed it not being damageable, allowing the Infected to clear them out before activating the Weak Point.
  • Temporarily disabled the local Game Master voice over; for now, it’s only audible through the tannoy system.
  • Players no longer have their identity revealed when pinged whilst under the effect of the ‘Paranormal’ Mutation.
  • The Handcuffs and Ball & Chain will now be removed once you’re grabbed by a Terror.
  • Resolved unintended areas being accessible in the Millhaven Asylum. Please continue to report these in Discord!
  • Defaulted to a shorter introduction video.
  • [FIXED] The ‘Swagged out’ Steam achievement isn’t obtainable.
  • [FIXED] The ‘Extermination’, ‘Shame on me’, ‘Shame on you’, and ‘Fool me once’ Steam achievements aren’t progressing correctly.
  • [FIXED] The Infected’s In-Between music doesn’t start as intended.
  • [FIXED] Incorrect crouch animation with the Hammer of Mending.
  • [FIXED] The Guardian receives a UI prompt to protect a player that they’ve already protected.
  • [FIXED] Players don’t receive Favour in games where they aren’t killed but don’t win.
  • [FIXED] The Cockroaches near the Generator can sometimes be unkillable. Go squash it!
In-game screenshot of ritual from the game's trailer.

In-game screenshot of ritual from the game’s trailer.

For more information, make sure to check out the official announcement on the Deceit 2 Steam page.

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