Dead Island 2 is still in development

After years of being in development hell, THQ CEO says that Dead Island 2 is still in the works. Has yet to release any other information about the upcoming title.
Dead Island 2 is still in development

Dead Island 2 is still in development

According to a recent THQ Nordic financial report call, Dead Island 2 is still in development. In the conference, a slide showed a slew of upcoming games, one of which was Dead Island 2.  CEO Lars Wingefors simply stated, “Dead Island 2, still being worked on. Stay tuned.” The same slide also shows a large number of titles that THQ Nordic owns, as well as a large number of games that are still in development.

“It’s very, very important that whatever content we bring out, that we polish and make sure that we’re delivering an experience to the consumer that could be sold for many years and will be well received on the market,” Wingefors says. “In total, we have 80 games under development. Where 32 are announced and 48 unannounced”

Dead Island 2 is still in development - The list of games

Dead Island 2 is still in development – The list of games

The sequel to the 2011 open-world zombie RPG was initially announced back in 2014, with Spec Ops: The Line developer, Yager Development, attached as the game’s developer. However, publisher Deep Silver (which is currently owned by THQ Nordic) announced that they would be cutting ties with Yager, just one year after the game was announced, due to creative differences. In 2016, it was announced that Sumo Digital, the developers behind Crackdown 3 and the Sonic Racing series, would be taking over.

Despite multiple claims that the game was still in development, neither THQ Nordic or Deep Silver have shared anything about the game. Since Dead Island was released, we’ve seen the release of Dead Island: Riptide in 2013, the spin-off Escape Dead Island in 2014, and a remaster collection of both Dead Island and Riptide in 2016 for current-gen consoles.



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