Dead Cells Road Map for 2022 and Beyond Revealed

The 2022 roadmap for Dead Cells has been revealed. There isn't much to go on later down the road but for the next two, we have content ranging from new game modes, outfits and more.

Dead Cells Road Map for 2022 and Beyond Revealed CoverAfter the successful release of The Queen and The Sea DLC, Dead Cells continues to grow with upcoming updates for 2022 and beyond. The team from Motion Twin recently posted the official road map that stretches throughout 2022 and includes a small glimpse into what’s in store for Dead Cells in 2023.

Motion Twin’s Dead Cells is a rogue-like metroidvania action platformer with 2D soulslike combat. The goal is to complete each stage, defeating multiple enemies and ferocious bosses. Dead Cells runs on the gaming loop of Live, Die, Learn, Repeat. Dead Cells was released in 2018 and won multiple awards, including the best action game of the year. 

What could the winter surprise be?

What could the winter surprise be?

The Summer update is titled Panchaku &more. This update adds a new weapon that is a nunchuck made out of two pans connected by string. There will also be a rebalance on items and weapons, a legendary systems rework, new outfits, and the ability to pet your pets. This update is currently being tested in the alpha build. 

The update in the fall titled Boss Rush, adds a new area allowing players to face off against every boss. There will also be a few different game modes offering players different challenges with unlockables to win as you progress. A scoreboard may possibly be on the way too though the devs have said that nothing is set in stone. 

The updates during the winter season and beyond is currently a mystery. Though, considering the last DLC released in January, we could be getting the next one around this period. Motion Twin stated, that 2023 will be big for content and Dead Cells has only reached the mid-point of its lifespan. What could be on the horizon for Dead Cells?


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