Dead by Daylight’s Tome V: Unleashed, is Now Available

Arriving just in time for Halloween with a graphical update and new content, the fifth installment of The Archives, called Unleashed is now available. Get a deeper understanding of The Blight and use the new Halloween-themed charms that this update brings. And for those who enjoy being the killer, the new add-on might just scratch that itch.

Dead by Deadlight's Tome V: Unleashed, is Now Available

The next installment of The Archives, from Dead by Daylight, is now available. It carries the name Unleashed, and it will allow players to unlock memories from The Hillbilly, Nea Karlsson, and The Blight. 

In this update, the players will be able to explore The Blight’s story further, since players will have access to the conclusion of the original Hallowed Blight event from back in 2018. Also, all the past Hallowed Blight lore content will be available. 

Additionally, Behaviour is putting Dead by daylight under a major graphical update that will be free for all players, across all platforms. The way the update is rolling out is through this regular content patch. In this most recent patch, the maps from the MacMillan Estate have been entirely overhauled. The woods around the industrial also looks gloomier, which will make for a deeper and more immersive atmosphere.

There will also be a Halloween event starting immediately and until November 4th called The Eternal Blight.  In this event, you will encounter a new survivor and new Killer add-ons, such as the first universal Killer add-on. Killers will be able to use this new add-on called Blight Serum which provides the Killer with the use of the Blighted Rush power. There will also be 4 Halloween-themed charms for the event. 

All this and more is what’s coming along with the fifth tome of The Archive: Unleashed. 

Dead by Daylight | Tome V: UNLEASHED Reveal Trailer

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