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DayZ Update 1.18 Released – Explosive Additions

Update 1.18 is finally here for Day Z, having been released on 14th June 2022, and it’s bringing a whole lot of explosive new content. A bunch of new combustible devices have been added, along with some new guns and quality of life updates.

DayZ Update 1.18 Released – Explosive Additions

Bohemia Interactive continues to bring new updates and gear to the nearly decade old DayZ (depending if you count the stand alone release as it’s start point). Update 1.18 for Day Z released today with a number of new weapons and tools for survivors. The DayZ update is largely focussed on explosives, diversifying the options survivors have for using bombs. So without further ado, let’s get into it

DayZ 1.18 Update Teaser

The Grenade Launcher

The newest update brings a selection of new grenades and explosives. Perhaps the most significant is the addition of the M79 Grenade launcher, capable of sending grenades up to 300m away. The launcher will have access to 40mm fragmentation grenades, 4 smoke grenades (black, white, red and green) as well as a mystery grenade type, that is available only in the contaminated areas (Rify and Pavlovo in the base game map, Chernarus). Without further knowledge I would expect it to be a poisonous gas grenade, similar to the PO-X grenade also being added in this update.

The Grenade Launcher is bound to become a coveted weapon

The Grenade Launcher is bound to become a coveted weapon

New Deployable explosives

New mines and plantable explosives have also been added. The famous Claymore mine has been added. Plastic explosives can also be found and combined with remote detonation units or alarm clocks/kitchen timers to create IEDs. The P0-X vial is the newest grenade, giving the players the ability to use the dreaded and nigh on incurable poison gas to their advantage. Last but not least is the fireworks launcher for distraction, or a particularly stylish raid.

New guns and variations

Update 1.18 adds the 2 shot Derringer pistol, ideal for a hidden weapon as it’s the smallest weapon to date in Day Z, but also capable of some serious punch given it uses .357 rounds. The Revolver and Blaze can now be sawn off as well, similar to the double barrel shotgun. These changes will free up inventory space and allow for more options in regards to firepower, especially in close quarter engagements.

A squad showing off the new guns added in the update

A squad showing off the new guns added in the update

New Events – The Abandoned Train

Described as a new type of dynamic event, survivors will be able to find abandoned trains. This looks to make the train lines worth following more often with more loot available. These will spawn across Chernarus and Livonia with civilian, industrial and military loot. Bohemia Interactive has been quite vague on what these trains are, so fingers crossed for military transports.

Quality of Life

There are also some simple changes being made to improve on old features and fix some bugs.  If you play on PC you will get the ability to keybind gestures, whereas console players will have advanced sensitivity options added. Furthermore, there is also a long list of smaller changes and fixes. These include gas canisters exploding upon destruction, and making the compass more readable in sunlight. You can find the full list of minor changes here for PC, and here for console.

What do you think about the DayZ update 1.18 changes? Are you excited for more variety in bombs? Or think the new additions may tip the balance of power in favour of raiders too much? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Excellent article this is my first time reading from this site the writer did a Excellent job I will be looking for more articles. As far as the game goes I only recently started playing but I do enjoy it and feel the new update will give us players new objectives to accomplish.
    I know I would love to get my hands on a launcher and give someone the smoke.


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