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David Brevik about the story of making Diablo

Read about the obstacles and ideas that were haunting game developers 20 years ago. David Brevik, one of the most famous developers behind the Diablo franchise, talks about making of Diablo.

The magnificient art of Diablo I
David Brevik is one of the key people that led Blizzard North as well as the Diablo franchise to their success. Few days ago, at GDC, Brevik shared his memories and thoughts about the process of making Diablo. He talked a lot about the ideas, reasons and inspiration behind Diablo. For example, the concept of the game has developed in Brevik’s mind while during the school years.

“The original concept was something I came up with in high school,” said Brevik, who went to school in California’s Bay Area and got the idea for the game’s name from local peak Mt. Diablo. “It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, make games, and even in high school, I was thinking about what kinds of games I could make and what names I could use.”

The text is an interesting read for any Diablo fan. It gives many insights into how the games were developed 20 years ago. The developers had to overcome many obstacles and be very innovative. You can read the whole article with the description of Brevik’s words here.

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