Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Scheduled for March 2022 – According to Data Mining Leak

A data mining leak has suggested Battlefield 2042 season 1 will be out in March 2022, 12 weeks of preseason weekly missions. Met with mixed reactions, it seems less likely the eventful season 1 content will help the game recover from its botched launch.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Scheduled for March 2022 - According to Data Mining Leak

Gamers are expressing frustration after the leak from Data miner, temporal, suggests Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 won’t drop until March 2022, 5 months after launch. The game launch has been marred by technical issues including low frame rates, bugs, and missing hitboxes/collisions. That’s along with problems with the core gameplay, including there being too many players, (max 128 players in a game) and maps that are too large for a good flow of play.

Battlefield 2042 has already seen a large drop in player count. Steam Charts reports a 47% drop in the number of average players over the last 30 days. This seems likely to continue after the recent leak. However, there will likely be a post-Christmas spike. At the time of writing, it has 73,800 negative reviews on its Steam page compared to 32,616 positives.

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Twitter responses suggest dismay at the length of the delay. Waiting 3 months from now for the first major addition of content may push players to Battlefield rival, Call of Duty. Other responses are more forgiving, pointing out that developers are going to be on holiday, the difficulty of development during a pandemic, as well as being open to a delay if it means the game gets fixed and improved.

Further Battlefield 2042 datamine leaks suggest the first map will be called “Exposure”. Set in British Colombia, the map will see Russian forces attempt to secure a secret research facility after it was exposed by a landslide.

Datamining leaks can be fickle. Although, previous leaks from the same account have proven accurate. One example was the leak suggesting Battlefield 2042 would have 22 guns at launch.

Are you willing to give DICE the benefit of the doubt? Or is it time to jump ship? Let us know in the comments.

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