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Darkfall – getting resurrected? In a way…

Darkfall - getting resurrected? In a way... New emulator is being developed.

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Do you love the original Darkfall? Not Unholy Wars? Do you miss the game, it's cruelty but absolute freedom and insane fights for your life?? Many players do. And that's the reason why kiinghussien is working hard every day to make it real. He has a full time job but spends about 6 hours a day to make the emulator working. And it means that the full original game with all features will be playable! For free. For all. Visit this reddit page to learn more.

And below is a video showing that the work is real. There was not a possibility to use skills but as kiinghussien says lately that problem was solved few days ago and the reverse engineering is moving forward. We wish these guys only the best and mainly patience and enthusiasm because it's just a beginning of a very hard work to be done.

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