Dark Train – mechanical giant squid cursor called Ann

Dark Train - mechanical giant squid cursor called Ann. Is the cursor alive? Is it really a floating mechanical giant squid??

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You wouldn't probably believe it but the cursor in Dark train is an animal. Or at least partly. It's a mechanical giant squid. When we asked the developers why a squid the answer was quite simple. It must be something living, possible to touch and use things and also floating in the air. All these features are given to lophophorates. Wikipedia describes them in this way:

It can most easily be described as a ring of ciliated tentacles surrounding the mouth, but it is often horseshoe-shaped or coiled. Phoronids have their lophophores in plain view, but the valves of brachiopods must be opened wide to get a good view of their lophophore. 

The lophophore surrounds the mouth and is an upstream collecting system for suspension feeding. Its tentacles are hollow with extensions of a coelomic space thought to be a mesocoel. The gut is U-shaped with the anterior mouth at the center of the lophophore. The anus, where present, is also anterior, but is dorsal to the mouth. In the Bryozoa it is outside the ring of the lophophore; in the Entoprocta the anus is within the ring of the lophophore. Some brachiopods do not have an anus.

But don't think that this "cursor" will not work. We had the possibility to see it and test it and it's more than appropriate to this kind of unique game. And as is the game a real masterpiece in its way how the title is created then of course the cursor which you will use to play Dark train cannot be different.

Here is the description taken from the official game's site:

Changes of the cursor depends on the scene and situation in which it is located. Changes both: scale and possibilities. Sometimes becomes physical and must use strength, speed or slowness. Sometimes serves as a tool in exclusive situation. It even has a mind of its own. There may be circumstances where it cames under conditions like “fear” or it is hiding or waiting.

Cursor in our case is more character than a “formality” in control. Her name is Ann (mechanical giant squid). But still it isn´t a “hero”. Only helps the player’s “divine hand” to control the train. For this purpose has some very special and irreplaceable abilities.

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ANN 2.35F:

• is the only one game character associated with inventory (could enter the inventory).

• controls the ability to camouflage (camouflage in a variety of very rugged environments).

• controls mimicry – learn to emulate various shapes and objects to which it may subsequently transform (a variety of these shapes are taught sequentially).

• multicolored eyes glow are used as indicator. For example warning signal or informs about changes in the status of the train.

• could get hurt (get frozen…)

• can be also afraid or decide for herself (and player) how to maintain in a given situation …

• is not alone in the train as indicate her serial number (Ann 2.35f). Her “sisters” if becomes survivors can follow their own interests, or to watch/spy Ann directly.

• has her own engine room where from time to time she can repair – recover herself. She may change or tune up parts of her body there. Terminated tentacles can be removed and changed for special tentacles of different weights.

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    yes, and moving with windows by dragging a window with a tentacle. might be funny.. 🙂

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    absolute new approach to a mouse cursor 🙂 I want it to implement into windows 🙂 well, maybe a good idea..


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