Dark train – indie game cut from paper, really

Dark train - indie game cut from paper, really.

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Czech Paperash studio is creating quite unique game. Or at least the techniques used in the development are remarkable, that's for sure.

Because everything in the game Dark Train is first cut from paper. The whole world is modelled in the real world and in the next steps translated into the actual theme of the game. Of course the paper and the work with 2D objects is favouring 2D dimension and the game is made according to this fact. However it allows the studio to work with a very high level of detail that makes the atmosphere of the game.

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And what is the game about? You will control a train and one of the most important thing should be a cursor, its movement and acceleration. Gameplay should be based on your skills and how you perceive the surroundings as a whole and not just your wagons.

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What do the developers say about the game?

"Player is put into the role of a power which can move the train and with his 'God's hand' control it. It means to master not just the controls of the train but to take care of it on the long road. Solve tasks in the story line and also deal with many situations around."

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Prototype of the game should be finished in the second half of 2015 and the final version later in 2015. First on PC, MAC and Linux. Dark train is being made by 5 guys who met at studies in 2000 and started to cooperate. And we must say that the current project looks promising. See for yourself:

Dark Train: Teaser

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