Dark Souls Series Reached 27 Million Units Sold

FromSoftware has confirmed its biggest franchise, Dark Souls, has reached over 27 million units sold. It started back in 2011 with the first title and since its third installment in 2016, the series has commercially succeeded and achieved critical acclaim across the board.

Dark Souls series sold 27 million copies

The masters of making some of the most aggravating video games in history have reached a milestone with its biggest franchise. FromSoftware confirmed on Twitter today that Dark Souls topped over 27 million units sold. 

FromSoftware was founded in 1986 and is known for titles like Demon’s Souls, the Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne, and most recently, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The release of Dark Souls created a cult following for the company. Mastermind Hidetaka Miyazaki did not work on the sequel as he was working on Bloodborne; still, that did not stop the second game from selling over two million copies in its first year. His return with the third and final installment was a success as after a month from its worldwide release; it sold over three million copies along with its awards that it received at D.I.C.E and Golden Joystick.

Between the success of the sequel and the third installment came the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne sold over two million copies in its first six months and launched the Japanese developer into the mainstream. Last year’s Sekiro sold shy of four million copies along with various accolades like Game of the Year from The Game Awards.


For now, the developer is working on Elden Ring, another dark fantasy action RPG that will surely have people throw controllers and slam keyboards. This time it will be an open world, making it the biggest game in the company’s history. It is being written by the Miyazaki and A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) author George R.R. Martin along with Dark Souls 3 composer Yuka Kitamura.


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