Dark Souls comes to Xbox One

New information out of the Austrailian Xbox Store indicates a release of Dark Souls backward compatibility with pre-order of Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls III will test your skill and patience... Prepare to die

Fans of the Dark Souls series will be happy to hear that the original Dark Souls is coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility. This information was “leaked” from the Australian Xbox store, (see here for more details) a few hours ago. Because of the nature of this information’s source there isn’t very much to go on, and Namco has not yet commented.

However, what is known is that those who pre-order Dark Souls 3 will receive a code for the backwards compatibility within 7-10 days. Backwards compatibility is also coming for those who owned the original Dark Souls on Xbox 360, so you can enjoy it with or without pre-ordering Dark Souls 3.

 Dark Souls 3 will hit shelves on April 12 for Xbox One, Playstaion 4 and PC.

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