Dante’s theme song receiving an update in Devil May Cry 5

Capcom had a hit on their hands with Nero's battle theme song called "Devil Trigger". Dante, on the other hand, didn't fare so well and his song attracted some controversy due to the lead singer of the band performing it.

Dante's theme song receiving an update in Devil May Cry 5
Each of the three playable characters of Devil May Cry V will have their own unique battle theme song. When Dante's trailer was released, his battle theme was revealed to be called "Subhuman" by the band Suicide Silence. Unlike "Devil Trigger", the song had received a tremendous amount of dislikes on Youtube. To make matters worse, there were allegations of sexual assault towards the singer of the band, Eddie Hermida. Capcom was unaware of this when they hired Suicide Silence to do the song, and had it subsequently removed from Youtube.  

Theme for Dante recieving an update in Devil May Cry 5-Official Artwork for
Since then, the song itself has remained absent from all the footage showcasing Dante. The situation was then addressed today by a Capcom employee Yuri Araujo, at Capcom Unity and he said that that the vocal segment of the "Subhuman" would be completely redone. The rest of the song would remain intact so as to still give credit to the rest of Suicide Silence. Michael Barr will be the new vocalist of "Subhuman". While the main reason for this change was likely due to the singer's alleged crime, the bad reception of the song was probably a factor as well.

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