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Cyberpunk Cat Adventure Stray Coming to MacOS Devices

Stray, a cyberpunk cat adventure game, will be available on the Mac soon, although a release date has not yet been set. The game will only be available on Mac devices that have Apple's M1 or M2 processor inside.

Cyberpunk Cat Adventure, Stray Coming To MacOS Devices

Cyberpunk-themed cat adventure Stray is coming soon to Apple Silicon-based Mac computers. The hit production will run on all next-generation macOS devices, from the MacBook Air to the Mac Studio.

The successful game Stray, which was released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC platforms last year, will soon be released for Mac devices with M processors. The production, in which we control a cat in a cyberpunk-themed universe, was one of the most successful productions of the past year and won the Best Independent Game and Best Indie Game awards.

Cyberpunk Cat Adventure, Stray Coming To MacOS Devices

Stray is a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk-themed cat platformer that was released in 2022.

Stray Won’t Be Available on Intel-based Mac Devices

Although the release date and price of the entertaining production have not been announced, developer BlueTwelve Studio stated that they will make announcements on Twitter. The game will only run on Mac models with Arm-based M processors like many next-generation Mac builds. The production, which will probably come with MetalFX technology, which is Apple’s super-resolution solution, will thus offer comfortable gameplay on all models, including the M1 MacBook Air.

Apple, which has not made the macOS platform an attractive ecosystem for game developers for many years, started to take different steps in this regard after introducing Mac devices with M processors. The arrival of Stray on the platform after productions such as Resident Evil: Village, No Man’s Sky, and Hades will make Mac players very happy.

Apple is expanding its Mac game catalog ahead of next week’s WWDC 2023 keynote, which is likely to include the announcement of a virtual reality headset, among other goods.

STRAY | Launch Trailer

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