Crytek reveals more details for Robinson: The Journey

Crytek reveals some more details about their new VR project Robinson: The Journey regarding Playstation Pro support and expected playtime. Are you ready to run with the dinosaurs on the paradise planet of Tyson III?

Crytek reveals more details for Robinson: The Journey
Crytek are well known for the impressive visuals and game-play of the Crysis and Farcry franchises, but their first venture into the world of Virtual Reality is looking to be just as impressive.

Robinson: The Journey is an exploration game in which a boy named Robin crash-lands on the paradise of Tyson III, and must find his lost crew. The planet is rife with dinosaurs and danger, combined with the stunning visuals that Crytek has become known for. Quite the fitting setting for a VR debut from the critically acclaimed studio.

Over the past few days, Crytek have released some more details about their upcoming title. On the 18th of October, the official Robinson: The Journey twitter page confirmed that the title will utilise the power of the upcoming Playstation Pro console, a feature which will undoubtedly give an already great looking game a graphical boost, lending itself well to VR.

Crytek confirms that Robinson: The Journey will use PS4Pro's power
Today, the same account also announced expected playtime for a first play-through, though they have stated it may take some people longer, as they may want to explore the lush planet of Tyson III more.

Crytek have given us a ballpark idea of how long our first playthrough should last
With PlayStation VR still being in its infancy, this could easily be one of the breakthrough titles of the medium from a developer that is known for creating stellar games. For more details, do go ahead and visit the official website for the game. Robinson: The Journey releases exclusively on PS4 on November 8th, at the price point of $59.99. However, Amazon currently has the title listed at $39.99, so do take advantage of that price if you wish to pre-order the game.

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