Crusader Kings 3 Will Probably Happen

Fred Wester, the outgoing CEO of Paradox Interactive, has stated that Crusader Kings 3 will probably happen as a result of Crusader Kings 2 becoming too "crowded". With that, Paradox continue to regularly add to CK2 with a brand new Holy Fury expansion due this year.

Crusader Kings 3 Will Probably Happen
Wester is set to be replaced Ebba Ljungerud and will likely find another role within the studio. He feels a sequel is likely, but from what we have learnt so far there seems to be no official word on whether development is going ahead. "We will probably do it at some point," he explained to in a interview in May, which was recently published. "The reason for that is the technical depth that we have in Crusader Kings 2. We can't add much more to the game as it is now. The map is really big, there's so much content in there. It wasn't really built for all of the expansions we made. It's getting heavy. We might need to take the etch-a-sketch, shake it a little bit, and start over."

Furthermore, Wester hinted that Paradox are going for "a bigger stab at RPGs". This will likely come from Vampire: The Masquerade, with the licences the studio acquired in 2015. It is likely we will hear more details soon due to a Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop that was revealed last week as well as "a couple of projects that are at more than an experimental level right now". Additionally, if you play Paradox's World War 2 strategy, Hearts of Iron IV then check out our list of the top four mods to try out.

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