Crossout major update ‘Knight Riders’

Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games have announced another major update for their vehicular combat Crossout, which is currently in late Closed Beta testing. The ‘Knight Riders’ update bringing new weapon, new detail, new decor, new paints, new balance and interface changes.

Crossout ‘Knight Riders’ update
The new update is themed around a group of post-apocalyptic ‘Knights’ inspired by medieval Europe. Besides new matching content for use with the player-crafted vehicles, including weaponry, heraldic items and a new map, the auspicious occasion for the update is the long-awaited, official addition of the German localization into the game.

Event ‘Knight Riders’

Together with the update, participants of the game’s Closed Beta Test are invited to join a special event exclusive to the occasion, featuring the wandering wagon train of the Knights, which call themselves the ‘Knechte’ – (the ‘Journeymen’ in German.)

A an expedition of foreigners led by a young man named Martin is passing through our lands. They are calling themselves Knechte. Players can trade with them using their own currency, Talers. You can use Talers and scrap metal to build special parts: decorative elements, wheels, and a deadly crossbow. Talers will be issued for battles and missions during the event. In order to unlock new missions on the first day of the event, you need to cancel the ordinary daily missions. ‘Knight Riders’ will be with us for at least three weeks.

Here, players can earn the Knight’s own currency, Talers, by completing various missions for the equally enigmatic and Germanic visitors. With Talers, players can then purchase suitable equipment from said visitors to further customize their own, crafted vehicles with. New parts include a mighty, oversized crossbow firing bolts of energy able to pierce even the strongest armor, genuine medieval cartwheels and various heraldic items to use as decoration. Rounded off with new, chivalric paint patterns and knightly portrait pictures, players will truly be able to ‘arm’ themselves as a proper Knight of Crossout’s Middle Ages!

The new map

The new equipment can then be put into full effect on the game’s new map, called ‘Fortress’, which is a blend of derelict, castle-esque stone structures and deserted concrete bunkers of the late modern times.

Ruins of an ancient fortress standing on a hill not far from the Sepulchre. The war once awakened it from sleep, and gloomy bunkers became its neighbours. Many years have passed since then and now battles are raging once again where the old fortifications are just observers in the new mobile and fierce war.

Crossout new map, called ‘Fortress’
The occasion for this festive event and major update is the release of the German-language version of Crossout, which adds German as the third interface language to the game, besides English and Russian.

More detailed information you can find here.

Check out some of the medieval themed vehicles:

Crossout medieval theme
Crossout medieval theme 2
Crossout medieval theme 3
Crossout medieval theme 4
Crossout medieval theme 5

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    This “game” has inflation made by limiting resources. To upgrade my CoDriver to level 10 I have to give 2000 scrap metal, 1500 wires, 300 copper, and 150 coupons. My limit is about 2800 for scrap and wires and coupons is 0of6 as they say.



    Some bots say just buy it, what is the problem, Hey dude, I need to sell something first and if Gaijin is limiting everything how can I sell. On top of that I need better weapons and other equipment and it will cost me thousands to get something better, not to mention there is equipment that costs 35000 coins! That is about 350000 scrap metal! And limit is 2800?!!? However you can buy 35000 coins for $400-$500 but so you can buy 10 much better games!!



    So it is not tough choice, play annoying game or play 10 best!


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